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How can help you find a job? founded in 2006 and belonging to World HR Inc. with branches in several Chinese provinces and more than 20 experienced HR consultants, serves foreigners seeking teaching jobs in China. cooperate with the SAFEA(the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)talent exchange center,have helped more than 2000 people around the world successfully find great jobs in China.

Check in to at least once a week to keep up with new job listings.

Do I need to register to apply for a job?

You don’t need to register.when you want to apply for one offer, you can just click "Apply ESL Jobs",andadd your name, email address and your Skype ID, then sit back and wait for the reply. 

How can I contact a Simply Hired Global Staff?

If you have any questions regarding an ad, or if you encounter problems using our website,use our contactform to get in touch with a Simply Hired Global customer support employee.We have contact in our website,so During in the weekday, you can feel free to contact any employee online.

If you are referring to a specific ad, please make sure you provide us with the ad ID which you can find at the bottom of each ad, or send us the link to the ad.

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